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Oct 6, 2012

Call Anonymous Method using event programming In C#

Anonymous Method

- An anonymous method is a method without a name - which is why it is called anonymous. You
don't declare anonymous methods like regular methods. Instead they get hooked up directly to
events. You'll see a code example shortly.
-  To see the benefit of anonymous methods, you need to look at how they improve your
development experience over using delegates. Think about all of the moving pieces there are with
using delegates: you declare the delegate, write a method with a signature defined by the delegate
interface, delcare the event based on that delegate, and then write code to hook the handler method
up to the delegate. With all this work to do, no wonder programmers, who are new to C#
delegates, have to do a double-take to understand how they work. Because you can hook an
anonymous method up to an event directly, a couple of the steps of working with delegates can be
-  The code in Listing below is a Windows Forms application. It instantiates a Button control and
sets its Text to "Hello". Notice the  combine,  +=, syntax being used to hook up the anonymous
method. You can tell that it is an anonymous  method because it uses the delegate keyword,
followed by the method body in curly braces. Remember to terminate anonymous methods with a

Implementing an Anonymous Method:

-Open windows form application

public Form1()

            Button btnHello = new Button();
            btnHello.Text = "Hello";

            btnHello.Click +=


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