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iPhone Projects:

I have made some iPhone project. Here are some screen shot of my projects....... 

Project Name: RED BOX
Suppose you and your friend playing a game…. 
There are three glasses… there is a coin one of the glass… you move the glasses randomly.. after some time you tell your friend to indicate the glass which has the coin inside…. If your friend show the glass which has the coin… he will get the score….

-         - There are three block… one is red color and other is blue
-         - When you press the move button the red color box turn to blue and all of the block moves randomly
-          -When you press the stop button the blocks stop moving
-          -If you touch the block which was red you will get the score
-         - Even you touch the wrong block it change the color to red but you don’t get any score….


Project Name: Air Boom

"Air Boom!! " is simple but  very interesting game…To my opinion that will be not a game until you add some challenges….

Imagine you have a balloon… and you will have to blow it until it blast.. and you will  get only one chance to blast it….what you think… is it interesting….Yes!! it is….
- To play this game you have to blow the balloon until it blast.
- You will get only one chance to blast it.
- After blast the balloon if you continue blooming you will make score.
- There are ten difficulty level.
- You can save the game and start playing from the saved level next time.
- You can save your highest score.

Project Name: Bir Sreshtho-71

Project Name: Calculator

Project Name: TicTacToe