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Jul 27, 2011

Find Color From Hex Code

In i phone you can find the color using the color code. which is in hex form.
Say a color Almond which code is #EED9C4.
how you can find the color...Try to understand the code below...

// Convert a 6-character hex color to a UIColor object
- (UIColor *) getColor: (NSString *) hexColor
         unsigned int red, green, blue;
         NSRange range;
         range.length = 2;
         range.location = 0;
         [[NSScanner scannerWithString:[hexColor substringWithRange:range]] scanHexInt:&red];
         range.location = 2;
         [[NSScanner scannerWithString:[hexColor substringWithRange:range]] scanHexInt:&green];
         range.location = 4;
         [[NSScanner scannerWithString:[hexColor substringWithRange:range]] scanHexInt:&blue];
         return [UIColor colorWithRed:(float)(red/255.0f) green:(float)(green/255.0f) blue:(float)(blue/255.0f) alpha:1.0f];

//Call the method  
[self getColorEED9C4];

Jul 21, 2011


struct type is a value type that can contain constructors, constants, fields, methods, properties, indexers, operators, events, and nested types.
The format of declaration of struct is :
[attributes] [modifiers] struct identifier [:interfaces] body [;]

attributes (Optional)

Additional declarative information. For more information on attributes and attribute classes

modifiers (Optional)

The allowed modifiers are new and the four access modifiers.


The struct name.

interfaces (Optional)

A list that contains the interfaces implemented by the struct, all separated by commas.


The struct body that contains member declarations.

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