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Nov 13, 2011

MAC startup keyboard shortcut

There are some startup keyboard shortcut  for MAC :-
1) When MAC boot up if  you press ”Options key”  Startup Manager Open.
2)  When MAC boot up if  you press "Shift key" it will be boot in  Safe Mode.
3)  When MAC boot up if  you press “C” key It will boot from Optical Disk OR (CD , DVD).
4)  When MAC boot up if  you press  “T” key it will be in  FireWire Target disk mood.
5)  When MAC boot up if  you press “N” key it will boot as netboot.
6)  When MAC boot up if  you press “X” key it force and it will boot from disk where there is no  MAC OS Startup Volumes.
7)  When MAC boot up if  you press  ““Command+V” key it will boot in  Verbose Mode.
8)  When MAC boot up if  you press  “Command+S” key it will boot in Single user Mode.

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