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Dec 29, 2010

Master Page

You can use master pages like a template.If you have many web pages and if you don't want to change the layout  master page is the easy solution.

Step1: Create a new Project

step2: Create a Masterpage from add new item.

step3: Change the background color from properties.

step4: Add new webform from add new item.rename to page1.aspx and select the masterpage.Then click the
add button.If you have more then one master page in that case you have to choose the masterpage.

 step4: Click on the page1 and go to the design view.Type something on contentPlaceHolder1.

Step5:Open Masterpage add a table(3rows and 3columns).place the contentPlaceHolder to the mid cell.

step6:Add sitemap from add new item.Give the link of your pages.

step7: Add TreeView From Navigation.

step8: Choose new datasource then select sitemap.

step9: select page1 as start page then run the project.

step10: You can also use Menu from Navigation.Then choose the datasource.

step11: Run the project.

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